Benefits of Pilates

Pilates benefits everyone.ย  Not only does it drastically improve your tone, energy and muscle strength it also improves your balance and coordination. Romana used to always say Pilates provides the body with strength, stretch and control.

There are over 500 exercises that are in the Pilates system that have beneficial results.ย  Most exercises can be modified to still provide improvement of strength and flexibility while catering to an individuals needs.

Pilates provides the following benefits to our clientele:

  • People who are looking to strengthen and tone their core
  • People who wish to improve their posture and alignment
  • Clients who are looking for a physical and mental workout
  • Athletes who are looking for an edge in the competition
  • Dancers who are looking to strengthen and supplement their current workout
  • Pregnant women wishing to workout while remaining gentle on their joints
  • People with scoliosis, hip replacements, and various other body issues that need special focus, while maintaining a challenging workout
  • Park Cities Pilates Center also works closely with your Physical Therapist and Medical Professionals to give your body a great workout to complement your physical needs