Pilates for Men

As instructors, we are often asked if we have a lot of male clients. We also hear several comments from our female clients on how great Pilates would be for their spouse, father, significant other, etc. The truth is that Joseph Pilates was a man and his “Contrology” was designed as a workout for men.

Joe Pilates was a gymnast turned boxer. When he was first developing and refining his methods of “Contrology,” he was in internment camps during WWI, in England, and was limited to working only with men. His goal was to get them physically fit thru comprehensive physical exercise with a minimal use of equipment. After the war, he returned to German and then made his was to America.

Approximately 30 percent of our clientele are men, who come in for a variety of reasons. Many are businessmen looking to improve their strength and posture, while our client who gold want to improve their trunk rotation. Several of our clients are tri-athletes or marathon runners looking to add Pilates in as a form of conditioning and stretching. We also have clients who are over the stigma of Pilates being only for women and dancers and come habitually every week, often several times a week, because they see the difference in their strength, stability and concentration in every aspect of their life.