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Romana’s Pilates Teacher Certification Requirements for Park Cities Pilates Center (PCPC)

Park Cities Pilates Center is pleased to be a training center for Romana’s Pilates.  This program is well rounded because it provides the deep knowledge of the exercises and safety’s that Romana instilled in all of us.  This is a long journey, but it is a worthwhile experience!  The program usually takes between 9 months and a year, depending on your availability to accomplish your observation hours, workshops and test out at the three different levels of systems (basic, intermediate, advanced).

Currently, PCPC has a level 3 instructor and a level 4 instructor who facilitate your 700 hours of observation needed for the program.  Higher leveled teachers will be/may be brought in for the Intermediate and Advanced Seminars, as well as the final test out at the advanced level.  You also may need to travel to another training center to complete your intermediate and advanced seminars.

Requirements for entering the program:

Prior to starting the program you must commit to 15 hours a week as a minimum observation hours.  These hours are key in your ability to learn and properly teach Pilates to students and truly understand how different bodies need different modifications/exercises. These are here as a means to grow your knowledge and understanding of Pilates.

You must be at a strong intermediate level in your Pilates Training, per Romana’s Pilates.  This is needed on all pieces of equipment (reformer, Cadillac, chairs, barrels, etc.)  This will be decided by a level 4 or higher Romana trained instructor.  In the past it has taken between 50-100 lessons before a person is prepared for the RP certification program.  You must have an interview, along with your initial assessment into the program.  Upon certification, you must complete at least one Continuing Education Program; (CPE) per year in order to keep your skills and safeties current.   15 private lessons are required by the completion of the program.

Initial Assessment- $200

This is a workout in which you demonstrate adequate understanding of the Romana’s Pilates System at the Intermediate level (order of exercises, you knowledge of the exercises themselves and what the exercise is for).  This is includes: reformer, Cadillac, mat, chairs.  Proper springs setup, the order of the exercises, the ability to flow from one exercise to the next and aptitude to learn the exercises is needed to pass your initial assessment.   Typically last 1.5 hours with an interview.  These can be held at PCPC under a level 4 instructor.

Registration to Romana’s Pilates- $300

  • Goes to Romana’s Pilates for your enrollment in the apprentice program.
  • Puts you in the global data base and on emailing list from the organization 

Administration for Romana’s Pilates-$300

  • Filing and management of tests, paper work and completion forms
  • Covers the cost of your manuals (per level, when completed)
  • The intermediary between you and other training centers

Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Seminars are $1000 (basic), $1200 (intermediate) or $1400 (advanced) at each level

  • These are three different seminars roughly 3-6 months apart from each other
  • You can test out of the previous stage at the next seminar

Independent study fee of $250 at each stage of the seminar

  • This covers meetings and guidance by your leveled instructor at the studio.
  • Studio meetings, tutorials over written tests (does not include lessons)
  • Lessons are strongly encouraged (however only 5 are mandatory at each level)
  • An additional $250 independent study fee may be added after 12 months if you still have not completed the program

Test out fees ***Pricing can change depending upon the level of teacher

  • $175 Basic
  • $350 Intermediate (including written portion)
  • $550 Advance (including written portion)

These fees are not owed all at once.  $800 is due when you are assessed in the program (registration/admin to RP and your assessment fee).  The cost of the seminar and the independent study fee is due at the start of each seminar.  The fee for testing is due when you test out at that particular level.  The price breakdown is below:

  • Basic $1000 and $250 independent study
  • Intermediate $1200 and $250 independent study
  • Advanced $1400 and $250 independent study

Exciting News! Park Cities Pilates is hosting a Romana’s Pilates Basic Seminar taught by our studio owner, Amanda Owens, January 18th, 2020. Call our studio for additional information!